How To Automate Tempo And Time Signature Changes

How To Automate Tempo And Time Signature Changes

Automating time signature and tempo changes in Live isn’t all that straightforward, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

You probably won’t need to automate these parameters a whole lot, but when you do want to, it’s nice to know how to go about it! Read on for a quick tutorial.

Automating Tempo

This one’s pretty straight forward. Right click on the tempo (at the top left of the screen) – a menu should appear – and click on show automation lane. Now, you should be able to use the draw tool to adjust automation as usual.

Quick Tip: Right Click > Show Automation Lane applies to way more than just tempo. You can get to the automation lane for pretty much any parameter buy using the same method (try it on a volume slider and see for yourself).

Changing Time Signature

This one’s a little bit harder, although once again it employs the same right

click technique. In the arrangement view, there’s a space just below the bar number line. Right click anywhere in it and add a time signature change:

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